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About Me

I come from a Patriotic American Family and Served our Country with 10 years of Service. I was raised by a Father who was a teen in the 1930's during the Great Depression and Served Proudly in the Pacific During WWII. I would describe myself as an "Old School" kind of guy, where a Quality Product at a Reasonable Price is Essential.

My Military Service & Government Employment working on F-16 "Fighting Falcon" Aircraft taught me the Importance of Quality Workmanship. When a Pilots Life is on the Line, Everything Must Operate Perfectly!

I Began Working my way through College (30+ Years Old) as a Customer Service Supervisor for the Internet Department of a Large Mail-Order Catalog Company, where I developed a High Importance to me for Providing Superior Customer Service.

My Education resulted in earning my degree in Business Management with a Minor of Business Marketing. I Decided to use my Knowledge to start a business online, selling Natural Gold Nuggets from our Family Owned Mines in Idaho. I have now been away from Internet Marketing for 5 years, but feel compelled to use All of my Experience and Knowledge to Promote and Sell American Made Goods Directly to the Public.

I Firmly Believe the Best Way to Strengthen our Country is to Support American Jobs. I Feel the Best Way to National Prosperity is to Keep our Money on Home Soil. I encourage the idea of Purchasing Products Made In North America (USA & Canada) whenever possible.


Helping Everyone to Buy American!!


I Look Forward to the
Opportunity to Serve You!




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