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New Vendors Wanted!

We Are Currently Seeking New Suppliers for Items to Offer through Our Web-Service. Small Business and Home Business Owners are Encouraged to Submit Their Items for Consideration.

We Know many Small Business and Home Business Owners are Seeking Ways to Sell their Product on the Internet. With The Economy Down and Many Unemployed, We Understand Many Talented Folks from All Walks of Life find themselves Starting their own Business. Most New Businesses Owners are a bit Intimidated at the Thought of Selling their Items Online. We are Here to Make It become a Reality for Your Item to be Sold to Customers Everywhere!

It Doesn't Matter whether you Are a Small Home Business which may Manufacture a Handful Each Week or a "Brick & Mortar" Company making Thousands of Units every Month, Your Products Equally Deserve our Best Efforts. Your Items will be Exposed to Millions of Potential Customers every Month. We Market your Products Online and Hope the Public Loves Them!! We Can All Win with a Jingle in our Pockets!

Our Primary Focus is Offering Top Quality American Products not already available on the Internet. If you are Selling your Goods Locally or Regionally to Retail Stores, Small Shops, or Boutiques and Wish to Expand your Sales by Offering your Merchandise to the Online World, Please Contact “Deals Made In America” where Our Goal is to Sell Your Item!

Our Talent is Introducing and Selling your Item Online. Our Operations Team has the Business Management and Marketing Knowledge, plus Many Years of Internet Experience to get the Job Done! We are Here to Help You Make it a Success!

Requirements to Qualify for Vendors:

As our Name Implies, Our Goal is to offer Spectacular Deals to our Customers. We must Purchase Items at a Discounted Rate in order to keep items Priced Right!

If the Deal we can Offer our Customers is Outstanding we will also consider Selling Goods which may be:
Blemished, Overstocks, Bulk Packs, Discontinued, New Old Stock, Etc.

Please use the Form Below to Contact Us
with New Product Ideas & Information.

“Deals Made In America”

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If the form is accidentally sent too soon, It will be necessary to start again from the beginning.

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Please use the form above to contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We wish we could make Our Business Information available directly on this page. We know many folks would prefer to contact us on the telephone. Unfortunately, there are many people who misuse this information when placed online. In the past, we listed our business contact information on our website and soon we start receiving Stacks of Junk Mail, Email Inbox Plugged with SPAM and a Constant String of Telemarketers Contacting Us.


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